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What format do you buy?

I realize that I propagate digital consumption with this website – most of my reviews end with a link to a place to watch the reviewed film, but I always try and include a link to a physical copy such as a DVD or a blu ray.
I personally like to have physical copies of the movies I enjoy. And while my collection would be pitiful to some, I do own physical copies of films that I truly love, films that are important to me.
I stopped buying DVDs around 2008, because not only was streaming films on the horizon with Netflix and the internet in general, but I was also heading off to college and didn’t have the space or money for these aging artifacts. Honestly, I’ve even held off on buying blu rays because I’ve seen so many formats come and go over the years. But just like vinyl, I tend to keep old classics in an analog format, in my case, on VHS.

VCRs are getting harder and harder to come by these days, even at the good will. Would I play these VHS tapes if I had a VCR? Probably not, honestly. I’d be too afraid to ruin them in a machine with worn out mechanisms or VCRs that are too aggressive with my tapes.
The advent of HD and 4K tvs has made this world of collecting my favorite movies even more complicated, there’s so many choices and so many reasons to buy or not buy.

So I turn my question to you, do you collect DVDs? Blu Rays? VHS Tapes? Laser Disc? Why that format, and not another format? Comment below!




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