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Links to check out

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Red Letter Media is a group of guys from Milwaukee Wisconsin who review and discuss films in a variety of hilarious “shows.” “Half in the bag” is almost a sit-com with an ongoing story arc about 2 dopey VCR repair men who get in to shenanigans and talk about movies in the process. “Best of the worst” is the RLM crew as themselves watching 3 obscure and usually awful movies and by the end they have to declare which terrible film is the “Best” of the worst. “Wheel of the worst” is similar, but with a random, game-show element where they spin a wheel to choose which horrible movie they will watch next. My absolute favorite film blog/youtubers.

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Your Movie Sucks is a youtuber who dives very VERY deep in to films and dissects them. He may be a bit too analytical for some, possibly too “snobby” even but man his reviews are funny.

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We Hate Movies is a podcast by a few comedians who talk about bad movies that you would expect, but also a few that are very unexpected and not necessarily considered “bad.” Not the most in-depth analysis, and the guys come off a little “Radio DJ-y” but there’s always some good laughs to be had.

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Movie Bob reviews films and youtube, he has short reviews where he talks about the latest releases with a quick and witty dialogue and he has a longer series called “Really that good” where he discusses classic movies and why they are deemed so.

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Slums of Film History is another podcast by some film buffs who discuss non-pc and obscure subjects of film history such as male and female nudity, profanity and snuff films. Very interesting and always entertaining.

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Every Frame a Painting is more about how movies are made using current and older films as examples. These are very in depth, thorough video essays and are perfect for the budding amateur, film student or professional.